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About my work

What does interest me since a long time are magic places in nature, a special kind of architectures, the beings of green plants, something like this. My painting is about the interplay of illegibility and transparency, elements of magic or the mystery of light to

capture an atmosphere. Also the composition and immediacy is an issue for me. Where to be concrete and where to be abstract. How to capture what this things mean to me in this moment and how to probe my own insecurities. However, at the end the result of my work needs to surprise myself.

Selected Exhibitions


Gallery Schmalfuß, Berlin / Marburg (D)

Solo Exhibition  - 2019

Gallery Ann`s Art

Groningen (NL)

Solo Exhibition  - 2019

"Places of Meaning"

Gallery Irok Horst (NL)

Solo Exhibition  - 2018

„Want to be and stay here“,

Schloss Ritzebüttel (D)

Solo Exhibition - 2019

"Reflexionen" Gallery AC Noffke, 

Haus Mecklenburg, Ratzeburg (D)

Group Exhibition - 2019


Gallery Schmalfuß, Berlin/ Potsdam (D)


Group Exhibition  - 2018

Art Fair Rotterdam

Gallery Deelenart Rotterdam (NL)

Solo Exhibition - 2017

VanGogh Gallery

Zundert (NL)

Solo Exhibitions - 2016


Carlshütte Büdelsdorf (D)

Group Exhibition - 2016

Nieuwe Gezichten op Dordrecht

Museum Dordrecht (NL)

Group Exhibition - 2015

Gallery Alonso Vidal

Barcelona (E)


Solo Exhibition - 2013

Kap Horn Art 

Bremen (D)

Group Exhibition  - 2017

Gallery Ann`s Art

Groningen (NL)

 Solo Exhibitions - 2016

Van Gogh Huis Zundert with Karin Voogd (NL)

Gallery Deelenart Rotterdam (NL)

Solo Exhibitions - 2015

Gallery Venetiae

Amsterdam (NL)


Solo Exhibition - 2014

"Aus einer Zeit, als das Wünschen noch geholfen hat"

K-Salon, Berlln (D)

Group Exhibition - 2012


Drawing Prize Van GoghHuis incl. Artist in Residence



Second Art Award Pintar Rapido Amsterdam


Artes Visuales Pintura Fundation Arena Barcelona

SPAIN - 2013

Royal Talens Painting Award



Public Art Price of the Community Gallery


GERMANY - 2008

Art Award Rastede 


GERMANY - 1987

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